Sunday, September 14, 2014

Oh my darling, Clementine

Once again, I find myself lost without a place to go. My ex-wife has been gracious enough to allow me to stay on her couch for several months now, but is moving and says I'm not to go with her. Mandy, whatever we are to each other, will not allow me to stay with her because my feelings for her tend to always show themselves. What I consider her is not what she considers me. I say biblically we were married, both our families accepted us living together like we were married. Culture might call it boyfriend and girlfriend living together. I still feel bound to her, yet she doesn't reflect the same. Well maybe she feels a bond, as she seems come back to me now and then and lead me to believe she's keeping me in mind, but she tells me she doesn't feel the same for me that I do for her.

Either way, it seems I may be back to sleeping in my car for a while. Everyone says they do background checks, and when I ask the criteria, they tell me the will reject any with a criminal background with a specific time period, across the board. Across the board isn't legal, but they're getting away with it. grr.

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